Whatever we want to do, we do. That’s what a computer is. It’s not just a processor and memory. That’s what a computer needs. But what a computer is… what my computer really is… is freedom.

I am a pragmatic programmer and a machine learning enthusiast. I always find myself attracted to advanced and esoteric technologies. I believe that Artificial Intelligence is the most interesting problem to work on right now and that machine learning is the most plausible path to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). I have a couple of years of experience in machine learning. I’ve been mostly working with deep learning in the past year. Earlier, I used to work with web technologies. My CV is available here.

I am a final year BTech Computer Science and Engineering student. I was born, raised and live in a beautiful hill station called Munnar in Kerala, India.

Want to work together? I’d love to hear from you.